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“The program is going better than I expected. It seems that I have responded well to not eating unless I am “hungry” and making better food choices. I do see positive effects. I am not flawless but it does seem to be working. I am actually surprised so far that it is working. The CD’s are still my best ally. Each time I listen to one I try to pick up on something I may have missed previous times. “Eating Better” was last night. I picked up on the color pink. Think I’m hungry when I really am not; think Pink and drink some more water. It really helped me to not eat or stop eating if I was not truly hungry or no longer hungry. Also I’m making better food choices at the market. Making sure I eat when I should and not when I shouldn’t. I have found something in your programs that talks to me, helping the positive blossom. The title itself, “The Weight Loss Mindset” is very appropriate. The positive changes I have experienced in eating and how I feel about myself is amazing. You have made me feel good about eating less and thinking more of myself as I work towards my goal. Thank You so much.”

Leslie Ginn
Stockton, California

“It is going well.I find that EXERCISE is taking up the rest of the free time I have. YEAH!!! I find that I think a lot more before and during my scheduled eating and I am more reluctant to eat mindlessly. It is the MINDSET that makes me feel like a success.

I’ve already lost six pounds and I’m upping the exercise using weights. The desire to mindlessly eat is gone…I think about and enjoy each bite. My cravings are just hunger and then I think about what I am truly hungry for like water or food. I listen to at least one (session) per day plus one before bedtime.


Alice D’Agostino
Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Dear Dr. Gilchrist,
My aunt is changing her life with your program. I wanted to say thank you for sharing this opportunity with me. I am on the list for Gastric Bypass but have come to think after reading your information and listening to the first 4 CDs that it will not fix my problem as I won’t be in the right mindset. I am a mother of 5 who is now desperate to regain my health and healthy life before I turn 40 next June. I sent her some “before” pictures and am seriously going to give this a run for it! It’s a beginning of a journey.

Since last week I have started a kick boxing class and am noticing small differences in my own life such as on Thursday, 8/26 I weighed 334.8 lbs. on Tuesday 8/31 I weighed 328.6 (I actually had to weigh my self 2x before I could accept it). The best part so far was today I had a hunch because my pants feel like they are starting to fall off.. After listening to CD #6. I weighed myself and I’m now down 14 lbs. from when I started!

My goal is to lose 160 lbs. That is a total of 163 to go. I am 5’6″ and a larger frame. I am in amazement. I am not feeling starved and am not craving things like chocolate and sweets at night like I used to. I am trying to really think of food as fuel and listen to a CD when it starts getting tough. Again thank you for letting me in on this wonderful tool. I am struggling with soda intake but it is getting easier.”

Veronica Torres
Livermore, California

“Thanks a lot for your caring and support. I really appreciate your kindness, Dr. Gilchrist. You are a wonderful counselor, teacher, leader, and doctor who cares about people’s healthy living. May God bless you. You gave me tips about weight loss, and it was very helpful and taught me a lot. Whenever I needed support you were there for me. Best,”

Lisabeth Koki
Sunnyvale, California

“Dear Dr. Gilchrist, I had wrote you a while back thinking the program wasn’t working for me. I have come to believe that if I want something to work–it will. So, I made a decision that the program would bring me the results I was seeking. I am happy to report that I have exercised everyday for seven days in a row. Although I still eat some junk food, not nearly what I was eating and I am starting to fit back into my clothing. I thank you for your part in my success!”

Respectfully, Laurie Bancroft Sylvania, Ohio, USA

“Dr. Gilchrist’s voice is soft with a soothing cadence. He is extremely effective at helping the listener relax and focus. I found myself coming away. encouraged and motivated to make changes in my life.”

Terry Martin

“I was satisfied that I was dealing with a professional hypnotherapist who understood how to treat someone.”

Fred Kelly

“Your system is helpful because it provides many alternatives to try; it is user-friendly and easy going. I would recommend this system to others because it is a very good motivator.”

Anna Laleni
Thessaloniki, Greece