The Weight Loss Mindset™

Looking Better, Feeling Better, Living Better

The Weight Loss Mindset™ is a powerful 8-session hypnosis program designed to provide you with the mental power and support needed to guarantee the success of your diet plan.

During each session, I’ll start by helping you to relax and focus, followed with many direct and indirect suggestions for positive change all relating to weight loss (including eating less, exercising more, avoiding junk food, etc).

The Weight Loss Mindset™ consists of 3 powerful, effective, complimentary parts:

  1. 8 high-quality, professionally edited hypnosis sessions as either audio file downloads for your MP3 player (I-Pod, I-Phone, etc.) or on 4 CDs (your choice at time of order). These hypnosis sessions address all of the main challenges you’ll need help with to lose the weight and keep it off:
    • Session #1: Eating Less
    • Session #2: Eating Better
    • Session #3: Controlling Emotional Eating
    • Session #4: Enjoying Exercise
    • Session #5: Living an Active Lifestyle
    • Session #6: Getting the Perfect Body
    • Session #7: Healthy Life Balance
    • Session #8: Aversion to Junk Food and Weight Gain
  1. An Intelligent Approach to Weight Loss©, a simplistic, research and common sense-based 34-page downloadable ebook. This will help you strategically create your own effective and personalized diet and exercise approach (as needed).
  2. Emotional Eating Busters©, a 32-page downloadable ebook to help you minimize emotional eating. Learn to naturally and effectively calm and ease stress, anxiety, and other upsetting emotions in healthier ways (vs. resorting to poor eating).
    The Weight Loss Mindset™ will give you the results you’re looking for as you consistently practice, refine, and incorporate its tools. Remember that successful, healthy weight loss is a permanent, gradual blend of motivation, commitment and positive diet and exercise lifestyle changes. That’s how it’s done! This program will help you achieve the results you desire and more.
    This is your best and most effective path to follow if you want to lose weight and maintain a balanced weight for years to come. Don’t postpone it and don’t make excuses. Let’s get started right now!

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