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randy My Story

Greetings! My story is simple. After many years of stressful college and graduate school, my weight ballooned up to 273 pounds by early 2001—which is still very overweight at 6’5’’ tall. Embarrassing, but true. See my “before” picture below.

I tried any diet plan I could think of to lose the weight, but with no success. Finally, in desperation, I tried hypnosis in 2001 to change my self-defeating mindset. It worked! I could finally eat less, exercise more, and lose my weight with relative ease. Over the next 12 months, I went from 273 pounds to an amazing 200 pounds, and have stayed between 210-215 ever since. See my “after” pictures below!

Since then, I’ve used and refined my own hypnosis skills to help many others lose their weight as well. As a clinical psychologist, I’ve attended regular hypnosis training seminars since 2001 by the world renowned hypnosis trainer, Dr. Michael Yapko. I now invite you to enjoy my same success with the ultimate hypnosis program I wish I had back when I was losing my weight.

Health and happiness,

sig My Story

This program is the total and complete weight loss program I myself would have loved to have back when I lost my weight in 2001. My weight loss year would have been much easier and less error-prone. I did so much (lose 73 pounds) with so much less (just 1 hypnosis session). It is the good part of human nature to give the very things we wish for to others as soon as we have the means to do so. Therefore, I’ve included all of the best weight loss tools, techniques, and resources that I’ve accumulated during my years as a psychologist and hypnotherapist: 8 targeted and professionally edited hypnosis sessions, 30 research-based weight loss approaches, and 30 quality stress relievers to combat emotional eating.

I now invite you to enjoy my kind of weight loss success-and more

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heavy My Story

Me at 265 pounds Spring 2001

thin My Story

Me at 205 pounds Spring 2003

Dr. Randy A. Gilchrist
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Hypnotherapist