I’m really skeptical and have a hard time trying something new or different. I’ve also wasted a lot of money in the past trying to lose weight with no success. Why should I now try your program?

Good question. For starters, please read this entire site to better understand the effectiveness of The Weight Loss Mindset™, especially noting the positive testimonials and reviews from real people using the program.

Quality hypnosis has been established as a highly effective weight loss approach for many years. And, unlike most programs, I (Dr. Gilchrist), offer lifelong customer support by email to answer whatever questions/concerns/needs you may have along your journey. I will be here for you every step along the way, as needed. So please, choose The Weight Loss Mindset™ and begin your weight loss journey now. Successful weight loss is worth the leap!


I’ve tried everything to lose weight with no success. How will your program be any different?

First of all, most diets today fail because they…

  1. Ignore the essential psychological requirements of weight loss (such as motivation and commitment)
  2. Promote an eating and exercise plan that is radically different than a person’s usual lifestyle and that is very difficult to implement

The Weight Loss Mindset™ complements your diet plan by taking care of these essential issues, significantly increasing the success prospects of your diet.


How is The Weight Loss Mindset™ helping my diet?

First, the 8 highly effective hypnosis sessions will guide and motivate your mind and emotions into the right direction, enabling you to eat less and exercise more.

Second, the two research-based booklets included with this program will help you create and maintain your own personalized diet and exercise program, making it much easier for you to follow. The first – An Intelligent Approach to Losing Weight©, reviews 30 of the most effective research-based approaches to losing weight. The second – Emotional Eating Busters©, reviews 30 healthier ways to minimize and control difficult emotions besides eating.


What is the average success rate with your program?

Honestly, given my schedule as a full time psychotherapist, it would be impractical (not to mention obtrusive) for me to solicit statistics from all of my customers to collect rates. However, I have received a good deal of strong positive feedback from my patients, proving to me once again how effective and powerful this program is. Please see the reviews and testimonials on this site for feedback from real people using the program.


How is the program helping your patients on a regular basis?

Patients who implemented The Weight Loss Mindset™ program and successfully lost and maintained a balanced weight, regularly…

  1. practice select hypnosis sessions, according to their needs and lifestyle
  2. use portions of An Intelligent Approach to Losing Weight© to refine and continue with their own personalized diet and exercise program
  3. use select tools and resources from Emotional Eating Busters© to control emotional eating as needed

The Weight Loss Mindset™ will provide you with the results you’re looking for only if you’ll consistently practice, refine, and incorporate its guidelines and recommendations.


What is hypnosis? What if I can’t be hypnotized/what if hypnosis doesn’t work for me?

The process of clinical hypnosis is as follows: a subject closes their eyes, relaxes, and gets into a focused mental state (known as a trance) through the suggestions of a hypnotherapist. Then, the subject is given a number of suggestions for positive change which become easier to accept (now that conscious resistance is lowered).

This hypnosis process works well for most people (assuming the hypnotherapist is properly trained and experienced). It’s important to know that “being strong willed” doesn’t make it harder to be hypnotized. Neither does having a certain personality or having most learning disorders. Modern clinical hypnosis (like with this program) simply requires being able to relax and focus on what is being said for a stretch of time. If you can do those two things, then you can be hypnotized and benefit from hypnosis. This skill of being able to relax and focus is natural and doable for most people, becoming easier and stronger with time and practice.


How often will I need to listen to the hypnosis sessions for them to work?

That depends on your unique needs and goals, as well as how consistently and attentively you listen. In general, the better the quality and quantity of the practice, the greater your success will be. For example, here’s an approach and timetable that generally leads to success: Start by listening to one session a day (or more) for one week, in sequential order, until you try them all. Then, continue listening once a day to whichever session best addresses your particular weight loss needs. After noticing significant improvement of your motivation and commitment to eat better and exercise more, spread out the sessions to every few days and then weeks. Finally, keep listening periodically as needed to refresh and maintain your weight loss mindset and lifestyle, such as once a month.


How much weight will I lose and how long will it take?

Your weight loss success depends on your commitment and dedication to the three components of this program:

  1. 1. how consistently and focused you practice the hypnosis sessions of The Weight Loss Mindset™,
  2. 2. your dedication to your personalized research-based diet and exercise program (from “An Intelligent Approach to Weight Loss©”),
  3. 3. your commitment to the exercises to better control and lessen emotional eating (from “Emotional Eating Busters©”).
  4. Losing and keeping weight off requires a committed lifestyle change. This new lifestyle should be seen as a permanent marathon to pace yourself on, rather than a sprint to quickly stop when the weight is lost. Quick weight loss almost always ends up with a quick weight regain. You’ll have to go about it the right way to get the permanent results you are looking for.

    Therefore, when you apply yourself to your program in a consistent manner with practicality and common sense, you can plan on losing about 1-2 pounds a week with periodic plateaus until you reach your goal. (Of course, depending upon a person’s particular circumstances, individual weight loss rates will vary).


Why are so many sessions (8) in your program?

Not all people on a diet are the same or have the same needs. Each person has their own unique motivational challenges to overcome if they are to successfully lose weight. Each person has different experiences in dealing with diet programs. That’s why I have created a wide variety of different, complimentary hypnosis sessions so that their many combinations can work together to fit the specific needs of each user.


Are your pre-recorded hypnosis sessions as good and effective as live, face-to-face hypnosis sessions?

All things being equal, live sessions are usually somewhat better than standardized prerecorded sessions. However, that being said, this program strives to overcome this limitation. The fact that this program offers 8 professionally recorded hypnosis sessions from a licensed Doctor of Psychology, plus the fact that these quality recordings allow for unlimited practice and suggestion reinforcement, make this program far more effective than most live hypnosis sessions on the market.

Plus, the entire 8-sessions program costs less than 1 live hypnosis session, which is about $125-150. Generally a live session doesn’t include a professionally edited audio recording of the session to reinforce the suggestions at home. (Also, see the answer the question 6 above). Therefore, in many ways, The Weight Loss Mindset™ offers many advantages over live hypnosis.


How are your hypnosis sessions for weight loss better/more effective than other hypnosis downloads/CDs?

Unfortunately, most other hypnosis recordings selling today have a number of significant limitations that make them far less effective than The Weight Loss Mindset™. These other hypnosis downloads or CDs typically…

  1. are recorded by amateur hypnotherapists without any legitimate graduate-level therapy degree, license, or hypnosis training whatsoever
  2. are read from impersonal scripts
  3. give too specific, too directive suggestions to apply to the needs of most listeners

Conversely, the hypnosis recordings in The Weight Loss Mindset™ are superior to most others because…

  1. I have a legitimate doctorate, license, and private practice in clinical psychology
  2. I receive regular therapist-level clinical hypnosis seminar trainings from the world famous Dr. Michael Yapko and other graduate level hypnosis trainers
  3. I record my sessions from personally prepared, free-flowing outlines (not scripts)
  4. I offer a much higher number of total complimentary sessions (8) than most other hypnosis programs (1-4).

I can’t resist junk food. Can your program help me change that?

Yes. In fact, I’ve devoted 3 of the 8 hypnosis sessions on the themes of losing the urge to eat junk food and/or replacing junk food with healthier, balanced food choices. Listening to these 3 sessions in particular (“eating less”, “eating better”, and “controlling emotional eating”) will weaken your desire to junk foods and encourage you to eat healthier foods.


I don’t really like to exercise. Can hypnosis help me exercise more?

Yes. In fact, I’ve also devoted 3 of the 8 hypnosis sessions to the theme of exercising more and living a more physically active lifestyle. Listening to these 3 sessions, in particular – “enjoying exercise”, “living an active lifestyle”, and “getting the perfect body”, will help you engage in more exercises, as well as live a more active lifestyle in general.