Dieting & Hypnosis

Lose Your Weight, Free Your Mind!

Fact: Using hypnosis to support a diet plan has been solidly shown to have a huge impact on weight loss. Whatever diet plan you choose or create, without the mental and behavioral support of hypnosis, the prospects for success greatly decline. Hypnosis itself won’t reduce your weight, but the combination of any reasonable diet plan and hypnosis can work magic!


Why Diet and Exercise Alone Don’t Work

You’ve heard it a lot: to lose weight, all you need to do is “eat less and exercise more”. That’s true, but it’s easier said than done. This simplistic approach is a set up for frustration and failure, because it ignores the psychological factors that are essential to gain and maintain the proper weight – motivation, focus and commitment.

This naive approach basically ignores any real life payoffs/reinforcements a person may gain while keeping a poor diet (“secondary gains”). Examples include food serving as relaxation when stressed, a relationship substitute when lonely, or as stimulation when bored. Have you ever caught yourself using food for any of these reasons? Me too!

These factors have upended many a diet. The more powerful the secondary reasons to keep eating poorly, the longer the poor eating will continue. Ignoring your mind’s role during the weight loss process will make it much more difficult, if not impossible.

Most formal “fad” diets don’t work either. Besides ignoring the psychological factors, “fad” diets usually promote eating habits that are nearly impossible to follow or obey for any length of time. Same with the different kinds of diet pills, powders, and other supplements that attempt to artificially suppress your appetite. Not only they are expensive, but as soon as you stop taking them, you’ll return to your old eating habits, gaining your weight back. They are definitely not recommended! And think of it: can you buy these supplements for the rest of your life?! Obviously the companies that sell them will be happy to give a positive answer, but does it make sense? Of course not! And who’s that rich?


An Understanding of Hypnosis

The Weight Loss Mindset™ is based on the supportive benefits hypnosis can have on your diet plan. It comprises mental elements like focus, desire, common sense, self-discipline, commitment and positive motivation. Clinical hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) is a psychotherapy technique where a qualified hypnotherapist helps a patient to lose weight through the power of hypnotic suggestions.

Accepting these suggestions will become easier throughout the hypnosis process because the patient’s expected conscious resistance to change will be minimized. This is the power of hypnosis in diet plans!


Research Support for Hypnosis

As you may have guessed by now, the most common reason people seek out clinical hypnosis is to lose weight and increase the success of their diet. Clinical hypnosis has shown to produce excellent weight loss results for lots of people, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many dieters are adopting it.

The tremendous success of hypnosis has been supported by many clinical researches. These studies show that hypnosis is one of the very few weight loss approaches that can affect weight loss effectively. For instance, in a recent massive review of 31 different research studies covering 13 different popular weight loss approaches, British scientists found that only two approaches produced significant, reliable weight loss success: hypnotherapy and taking supplements containing the illegal substance ephedrine (Pittler & Ernst, 2005).

Since taking ephedrine-based products (also called “ephedra” or “ephedra sinca”) has been banned for being extremely dangerous and unhealthy, the conclusion was sharp and concise: hypnosis is the definite winner as the best and most healthy choice for losing weight. The massive research showed that a combination of diet and hypnosis is by far the best and most effective weight loss approach.

So if you have decided that it’s time to balance your weight, improve your health, change your look and regain self confidence, The Weight Loss Mindset™ is your best choice for complementing your diet plan. Let’s get started right now!

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