Dr. Gilchrist, creator of The Weight Loss Mindset™ audio hypnosis program, is looking for some serious, effective marketers to sell his program as affiliates. The Weight Loss Mindset™ includes: 8 high quality hypnosis audio sessions, 2 supportive ebooks, and 30 days of follow up autoresponders to support new customers’ use of the program. The program is a great value at under $100, making for a very sellable, profitable program.


  • Enjoy easily selling a unique, highly effective hypnosis for weight loss program created by an actual licensed clinical psychologist and hypnosis expert.
  • Earn a generous commission of 33% of the sales profits.
  • Can log into their account online 24/7 to check their sales and other statistics in real time.
  • Get access to several professionally produced, high-quality marketing materials to use with their campaign, including flash and static banners, HTML email, text email, and other useful resources (details below).
  • May request personalized marketing materials, such as customized text-based emails or written or phone interviews from Dr. Gilchrist to support significant marketing efforts.

Simple Steps to Begin Selling:

  1. Register as an affiliate with Click Bank for free at:
  2. Take your new Click Bank username and create your own unique web site sales link (called a “HOPLINK”) to sell The Weight Loss Mindset™

    Your personalized sales link will be:

    where you copy this exact link above, but replace “YOURUSERNAME” above with the new Click Bank username you created in step 1 on the Click Bank sign up form.

    *NOTE:  your “username” is also referred to as your “Account Nickname” and your “ClickBank ID” on the Click Bank sign up form.

  3. Enter your full name and email address to receive your “New Affiliate Welcome Email”:


    (Please check both your regular and SPAM/Bulk folder for your welcome email, which may take up to 60 minutes to arrive. NOTE: Your email address will not be shared with anyone).

  4. Download your high quality Weight Loss Mindset™ affiliate marketing materials now by clicking here. Then return to this page for further instructions. Feel free to contact Dr. Gilchrist if you need assistance.
  5. From your new downloads, review, choose, and prepare your preferred marketing materials and begin selling The Weight Loss Mindset™:
    1. FLASH AND/OR BANNER ADS (6): If using banners, simply copy and place the selected banner on your web site and hyperlink it to your personalized sales link created above in step 2 (your “HOPLINK”).
    2. HTML EMAIL AD: If using the HTML email ad, copy this image into your email, hyperlink this image to your HOPLINK, and send out emails to your bulk emailing list.
    3. TEXT BASED EMAIL ADS: If using the text-based email ads, copy and edit your chosen text ad into your email. To get credit for your sales, make sure to replace the link in the email text with your own personal HOPLINK before sending them out to your bulk email list.
    4. KEY WORDS FOR SEARCH ENGINES: If using marketing efforts that require key words or phrases, such as for Yahoo! or Google pay-per-click search engine submission, refer to the included “key words for search engines” file. In it you will find many possible key words/phrases to try out and experiment with.
    5. MARKTING LINKS: If writing articles/product reviews to promote The Weight Loss Mindset™, such as in a blog, research and review the information linked to from this file. These links will direct you to informative videos on The Weight Loss Mindset™, interviews with Dr. Gilchrist, and other helpful related resources that can be used in numerous ways.
  6. Log in to your Click Bank affiliate account to check your sales and other statistics along the way at: Also, feel free to contact Dr. Gilchrist with your questions or comments along the way as needed.

NOTE TO EMAIL MARKETERS: To avoid getting in trouble with Click Bank, please adhere to the simple “Can-Spam” guidelines when preparing and sending out bulk emails (listed at: Please do this for your protection. Click Bank gives the following warning against SPAMMING:

Don’t spam. There are a number of reasons not to spam other people with affiliate promotions. From a business standpoint, ClickBank takes complaints of spamming very seriously, and it can result in a loss of your account and any earnings if we determine you’re guilty of spamming. Additionally, many websites, social networks, forums, blogs, and Internet Service Providers take reporting of spamming seriously, so you can quickly find yourself banned from popular places to promote products if your promotions are considered to be spam and are reported by others.”


**FINALLY: I suggest that you read everything available to help you best understand and be successful as a Click Bank affiliate with The Weight Loss Mindset™–including gaining a strong understanding of how the affiliate system works. Knowledge is power! Useful Click Bank affiliate information through includes (but is not limited to):

  1. How you will be paid and other financial terms:
  2. “Dos and Don’t of Being an Affiliate”:
  3. General information/help/support for Click Bank affiliates:

Sample Banners:

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