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The Weight Loss Mindset™ is a revolutionary diet strengthening program, based on the proven supportive power of hypnosis. Designed to endorse and sustain any reasonable diet, The Weight Loss Mindset™ is the best results-oriented product available to boost the long term prospects of losing weight.

My name is Dr. Randy Gilchrist. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and certified hypnotherapist. I have been practicing psychotherapy since 1997, with a successful private practice in Roseville, California (www.dr-rg.com). I specialize in clinical hypnosis for weight loss, successfully helping many of my patients lose and maintain a balanced weight and good health.

Given the proven success of my clinical hypnosis practice and my strong reputation, in 2006 I’ve decided to put together a comprehensive self-help version of my hypnosis services, enabling people everywhere take advantage of the power and effectiveness of my hypnosis services. This comprehensive program is called The Weight Loss Mindset™ (www.theweightlossmindset.com).

In addition to this leading diet strengthening product, I’ve also published a number of articles related to “the psychology of weight loss”. I also conduct regular phone interviews on the psychological aspects of obesity and weight loss, including the use of clinical hypnosis as an effective weight loss technique.

I’ve no doubt that after browsing the detailed information presented on this website you’ll realize the many benefits of The Weight Loss Mindset™. Whether you or one of your loved ones have chosen a diet plan to reduce weight, you can now significantly increase its success by ordering my clinical hypnosis program. No other diet plan or hypnosis program comes close to The Weight Loss Mindset™. Order your package right now and you’ll be amazed by the results!

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